Senior citizens to get free and unlimited access to all Heritage Malta sites

Credit: Kevin Abela

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed which will see the creation of a new Heritage Malta Senior Passport providing senior citizens with free and unlimited access to 27 attractions across Malta and Gozo.

With this passport, senior citizens will have free and unlimited access to all Heritage Malta’s attractions (except for the closed sites and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum), which include prehistoric temples and caves, prisons, fortresses and palaces, and a selection of museums relating to archaeology, maritime, war, and art. Each senior citizen may also choose to be accompanied by two youths during these visits who will also be entitled to free access.  All senior citizens are invited to call in person with their identity card at their local councils to apply for Heritage Malta’s Senior Passport.

Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici stated that through this initiative, ‘we will be ensuring accessibility and inclusivity to senior citizens”. Bonnici added that through this scheme, the public will be able to enjoy and appreciate Malta’s heritage and history.

Parliamentary Secretary for Communities Silvio Parnis, said that this initiative is another example that this government is committed to continue improving the quality of life of the elderly. Parnis added that the elderly are a priority in the local government reform; which aims to continue improving their quality of life.

Mario Cutajar Heritage Malta’s Executive Director, said that this latest initiative follows the recently launched student passport scheme, which also allowed free unlimited access to all Heritage Malta sites. It will also be the first in a series of initiatives which will enable our heritage and culture to be conveyed throughout the island, Cutajar concluded.

On each visit to any of Heritage Malta’s attractions, the Senior Passport holder has to ensure that the passport is stamped. With every eight stamps collected, a reward will be given to the holder by Heritage Malta, to a total of three rewards.

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