Sedimented debris in Gżira due to a mechanical malfunction

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) was informed of works that were being carried out in Gżira where sludge was being deposited on the roof of a reservoir that forms part of the National Flood Relief Project (NFRP).

According to a statement released by ERA, its Enforcement Officers immediately went on site to investigate the incident.

Initial investigations showed that the works were related to the NFRP, where part of the tunnel was blocked due to a mechanical malfunction. Officers on site confirmed the material was sedimented debris and no foul smells were detected.

As a result of the mechanical malfunction, the sediment material had to be taken out of the tunnels by means of dump bucket loaders. The material is temporarily being stored on site until it drains from water so as to prevent the escape of material during transportation on the road network.

ERA will continue monitoring the situation.