Science just got super powered

2019 winners

From magnetic hammers to light sabers, children are being invited to participate in the third edition of the Superheroes in Science project where they can win a number of prizes.

The Superheroes in Science project’s aim is to promote science among students between the ages of 7 and 14 through the universe of Superheroes and Star Wars. This year is bringing together students from different schools and NGO’s to share their creative ideas and their love for science and fiction.

Applications are open right now. Teachers, parents and NGO leaders are encouraged to sign up with their children or students from Year 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 to participate in this free and voluntary contest in the creation of projects on the real science behind Superheroes and Star Wars.  This is a tremendous opportunity for young ones to discover science by unleashing their creativity, as their science project can take the form of an artwork, where they can use upcycle materials, colours and drawings to explain the science of Superheroes, Star Wars’ futuristic gadgets, vehicles and fictional planets.

Students or parents’ registration is free and student’s projects may be submitted online through photos and videos on the website.  Submitted projects can be in the form of an experiment, a model or a visual presentation such as, for example, a comic styled information chart, accompanied by an online project report.

In this competition, students can participate individually or in groups of two or maximum three students.  Each individual or team can be from a school or an NGO (such as scouts, girl guides, clubs, and so on). Students have the opportunity to create a project and connect their knowledge of science for example, animals, insects and plants with the world of superheroes, supervillains, Star Wars or create their very own science hero and they can feasibly split into groups of three students and split up the work depending on the project they decide to work on. 

Many example ideas for projects are available in the FAQ section of the website. The deadline for project submissions is the 30th August 2020 at 11.00 pm. More information related to the 2020 project and guidelines for teachers and parents, is available here.

This year’s edition is supported by Virtu Ferries, Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Toyland, Esplora Shop and Agenda Bookshop.