Scicluna should be investigated over Steward Deal, Delia insists

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The government should investigate the involvement of Finance Minister Edward Scicluna – as well as Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi – in the negotiations which led to Vitals’ concession to run 3 public hospitals being transferred to Steward Healthcare, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said this afternoon.

Delia reiterated his party’s call for the concession to be terminated with immediate effect, describing it as the biggest theft in Malta’s history. He insisted that with every passing day, government MPs’ own responsibility for this state of affairs was increasing.

He said that in spite of claims that millions were invested into the hospitals, the reality was self-evident, questioning what investigations were needed to confirm that no investment actually took place.

Abela ‘caught in the middle’

The PN leader said that Prime Minister Robert Abela was caught in the middle, as Health Minister Chris Fearne appeared to be concerned about the arrangement, while his predecessor actually lobbied for more funds to be given to Steward.

He then argued that Scicluna, Muscat and Mizzi were directly responsible for the present state of affairs as they allowed the concession to be transferred to Steward.

“When Vitals, as expected, failed to honour its obligations, instead of terminating the contract and asking for public funds to be refunded they accepted the sale to Steward Healthcare,” Delia said.

Though Scicluna may deny being personally involved, he said, he was ultimately responsible for the expenditure of public funds.

Delia also referred to a report by MaltaToday which revealed that Mizzi had waived a €9 million performance guarantee on the concession, with Cabinet’s approval.

“An additional €9 million was stolen from you,” he said.

‘We are being robbed’

Delia then noted that Fearne may be saying things about the deal – and Abela may be thinking them – but neither was actually acting to terminate the concession.

“We know we have no time to lose, as we are certain that we are being robbed,” he said, before urging government MPs to act.

“Your responsibility for this situation is growing with every passing day,” he warned.