Schools will remain closed until 17th April

Updated 04:09 PM
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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On Wednesday, government announced that schools will remain closed until the 17th of April 2020. The government said that closer to the date authorities will discuss and revise the decision and act accordingly.

17th April is the day students were supposed to return school after the Easter holidays

Earlier today:

Schools will remain closed until further notice issued by the government.

Government announced this through a legal notice issued on Tuesday evening. The legal notice comes into effect as from Saturday 21st March.

Thursday last week, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that all schools, the University of Malta, MCAST and childcare centres will shut down as from Friday 13th March till Friday 20th. This measure is being extended until further notice after the situation on coronavirus was re-evaluated.

Parents should refrain from sending their children to private lessons

In a statement issued by the Commissioner for Education, there were reports of teachers giving private lessons.  The Commissioner for Education stated that they should desist immediately because it is extremely dangerous and poses grave problems to the healthcare system.

“This is not the time for private lessons. Parents should refrain from sending their children to such lessons.” – Commissioner for Education.

Incoming flights will be suspended also as from Saturday 21st March. Flights scheduled at midnight between this Friday and Saturday are suspended till Friday 10th April.

Till to date, in Malta 38 coronavirus cases have been reported.