Schembri meets Jourová to discuss blockchain


Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Economy Silvio Schembri met European Commissioner of Justice Věra Jourová to discuss blockchain in Malta.

In a press release, the Secretariat said that Schembri thanked Jurová for giving Malta the opportunity to explain what is going on in the blockchain sector, especially in relation to money laundering.

In September, Commissioner Jourovà told that Malta is expected implement laws against money laundering. Jourovà also said that the European Commission will be proposing new regulations on citizenship sale schemes.

In an exclusive interview with, Commissioner Jourová said that the Commission will impose new methods on EU member states through a new recommendation, whereby they utilise European resources in a harder due diligence process, where EU intelligence can be used on applicants.

Silvio Schembri also met the General Director of DG Connect, Roberto Viola. Viola said that the EU cannot ignore this technology and praised Malta’s accomplishments in this regard. During a European Council Meeting for Research, Schembri said that the fact that Malta has to split 4.4% of the allocated funds with 13 other member states is not acceptable. He also suggested the introduction of a scheme for younger individuals.