Scared of bikes? This will help you

“The Maltese population is growing, the economy is also growing, but our infrastructure is what it is”, said Minister of Transport Ian Borg today at the launch of the “Bikeability” initiative. A viable solution which always initiates discussion is the use of bicycles”.

The “Bikeability” initiative was launched by Nextbike, with the help of The Stars Group, and is also supported by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Nextbike is a company that offers bicycle hire simply by using one’s mobile application. They also have a number of stations around Malta, therefore, they let you rent a bike from one place, but leave it at near your destination station.

“Bikeability” is an initiative which includes 10 hours of lessons on how to drive a bike in a confident manner. The classes are free, but in order to apply, one must have an account with Nextbike with 10 euro credit.