Saving migrants doesn’t mean they’ll stay here permanently – Delia

Updated 09:06 PM

Delia asks Tusk for irregular immigration to be discussed at EPP summit


Saving migrants from drowning doesn’t mean that they’ll reside in Malta permanently, said PN leader Adrian Delia.

Speaking on Partit Nazzjonalista’s TV Station NET amid the ongoing migration crisis, Delia said that he believed that no one in Malta wanted people to drown.

According to Delia, the current problem was exacerbated by the Government’s policy of increasing Malta’s population. He said that this created a burden on all types of resources. The leader of the Opposition criticised human traffickers for profiteering from the situation in Northern Africa.

Delia asked if it was right for Malta to face the migration crisis alone. He appealed for Europe to show meaningful and tangible solidarity. He said that countries should continue saving people from drowning as was their obligation, however he said that Malta couldn’t be allowed to face this issue on its own.

“In a few hours the sea is set to swell and if these people are not saved before the sea gets rough, they will die”. This was the crux of the heartrending email which Italian priest Don Mattia Ferrari sent to the Archbishop of Malta and the Bishop of Gozo. He begged for their intercession with the Maltese authorities to save the migrants facing almost certain death in the Maltese Search and Rescue zone.

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