Saving lives is a duty not an option – Delia

PN Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that all NGOs should be allowed to operate on a humanitarian level and these should be allowed to save as many lives as possible so long as they follow international law. Safeguarding the lives in peril at sea, said Delia, is a fundamental moral obligation of states and humans who need to do everything in their power to try and save lives.

Speaking to international media just outside the Law Courts, where he also exchanged brief words and a promise of an appointment with the Captain of MV Lifeline Claus Peter Reisch, Delia was clear and adamant that saving lives is a duty not an option. Life, he said, is a foremost value that we as a Nationalist party have at heart. Europe, he insisted, must do more sharing “…not of a burden but of a responsibility”.

Delia’s words emphasized the statement issued by his party yesterday after 22 NGOs accused the Opposition leader of  using language which they deemed “abhorrent” and, further, insisting that it was meant to incite “hatred, discrimination, exclusion, and violence.”  In its statement, the Opposition pointed out that Delia condemned dilapidated and inhumane living conditions which some migrants have had to endure. He also spoke about out obligation to give aid to migrants who are caught out at sea in danger of sinking.