Save the planet with Gwi Do

When trees are being chopped off to make way for roads, when we look around us and all we see are cranes and high-rise blocks of concrete, then we have no other option than to turn to the younger generation to safeguard our environment.

Merlin Publishers’ new book Missjoni: Insalvaw il-Pjaneta Blu is all about nurturing that.

The narrator is Gwi Do, an alien who is a bit of a Super Trooper and goes round saving planets from self-destruction. Planet Earth is his worry at the moment, and it’s the reason why he asks the reader to fasten the seatbelt for a tour of ‘Operation Save the Environment’. He takes the reader on a mission to save four of the planet’s most important resources: Air, Soil, Water, Forests, and then ends with tips on recycling.

Missjoni: Insalvaw il-Pjaneta Blu is a fun book, with clever lift-the-flaps and tiny booklets full of facts. Adapted to Maltese by Dwayne Ellul and supported by the National Literacy Agency, it explains the environmental crisis that our world is in, while also nudging children into taking action – little simple ideas – after they’ve read the book.

“There is nothing we can do to change the past; we can only try to create a better and brighter future and that is our mission with Insalvaw il-Pjaneta Blu,” said Merlin Publishers’ Director Chris Gruppetta.

Missjoni: Insalvaw il-Pjaneta Blu is available for sale from all leading bookshops or directly online.