Satanism: reality or fiction?

Tune in to Andrew Azzopardi on 103 on Saturday 28th November at 11:00am on 103 Malta's Heart.

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

How many times has this phrase rolled off the tongue with deceptive ease? However, is satanism simply another religion or cult? Is satanism legal in Malta? Why do people opt for this lifestyle? This is an issue which is deeply ingrained in our communities.

It seems that more children are getting intrigued by the occult and anything related to it. It also seems that occult is much more widespread and organised than we think. We will be discussing with a Satanist and an exorcist.

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi will discuss this subject during his programme on 103 Malta’s Heart on Saturday at 11:00am.

The main guest of the programme will be exorcist Fr Franco Fenech. A satanist will also participate.


During the final slot of the programme Prof. Azzopardi will broadcast comments about the late Known widely by his first name Prof. Oliver Friggieri.

Oliver, as he was popularly known, is a fundamental pillar in Maltese society, a man who was always ready to defend all that is human and with literary and language skills of the highest possible quality. But apart from that Prof. Friggieri was rich in his ability to think and conceptualise ideas and sensitive to all that is human.

All those who know Oliver have their own anecdote on this rare specimen of humanity who was as distinguished for his literary skills as he was for his kindly nature.

Tune in to Andrew Azzopardi on 103 on Saturday 28th November at 11:00am on 103 Malta’s Heart.