Santa Luċija murder: Search ongoing for man living in apartment

    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    The police are looking for a man who was living in an apartment in Santa Luċija in which a body was found yesterday.

    A police spokesperson announced this in a press conference about the Santa Luċija case which is being treated as a homicide. The body was found wrapped in garbage bags.

    The body is yet to be identified as it was found badly decomposed. However, the police know that Victor McKeon, 62, was living in the apartment. DNA analysis of McKeon’s relatives is ongoing in the police’s latest bid to identify the body.

    The police said that they found evidence of trauma to the body’s head caused by a solid object or a sharp tool. Investigators also found signs that the victim might have been suffocated.

    Video: Miguela Xuereb