Sant hits out against proposed Imrieħel flyover; ‘Only those behind construction of towers might benefit’

Photo: Moviment Graffitti

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There is nothing that justifies the Imrieħel flyover project which would destroy agricultural land in one of Malta’s most fertile zones, former Prime Minister and current Partit Laburista MEP stated on Wednesday.

Writing on Facebook, Sant said he saw no ‘serious’ value added in the proposal except for one day those proposing the high-rise buildings in Imrieħel might benefit from it one day. He added that he would not believe that is the reason behind the proposal as he expressed doubt if it would be beneficial in real terms.

Ix-xahar l-ieħor, il-ħabib tiegħi l-ministru Ian Borg tana l-parir biex qabel niġġudikaw dwar il-proġett ta’ flyover li…

Posted by Alfred Sant on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Standing by his criticism of the project, Sant referred to Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg’s advice to wait for the plans. After having taken a close look at the plans to build a flyover at the Imrieħel bypass, Sant reiterated that he stood by his original position.

“With all due respect, upon a closer look at the project, my conclusion remains that the protests are justified,” Sant wrote.

The PL MEP had expressed sympathy for farmers and residents who were protesting against the plans last month after farmers and residents revealed plans by Infrastructure Malta, which they said had been kept under wraps, to take swathes of land and fields in order to build a flyover.

Moviment Graffitti had called on the farming community in Malta to unite against the land grab by Infrastructure Malta while farmers and residents have made it clear that they are dead-set against the plans. The Qormi Local Council passed a motion aimed at protecting farmland last year.

The December protest had elicited sympathy from former minister and president emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

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