“Sannat Primary School leads way for inclusion” – Education Minister

Sannat Primary School is amongst those practicing and exhibiting educational inclusion, according to Education Minister Justyne Caruana, describing it as what is needed to be achieved.

She stated this during her visit to the school. She was also visiting the same school’s Special Unit that is dedicated to students with learning difficulties, the Għajnsielem Primary School, and the Primary and Secondary school within the Archbishop’s Conservatory.

During the visit to Sannat’s school, she witnessed the efforts made to ensure that students with learning difficulties feel that they are on the same level as other students. “This is what we need to achieve”, said Minister Caruana.

At Għajnsielem Primary School, it was observed that well-rounded education is a priority, especially when considering students’ participation in practicing the arts. The school worked hand-in-hand with the local council to ensure that the school’s entryway is decorated for Christmas.

At the Primary School within the Bishop’s Conservatory, Caruana noted that the school’s aim is to help children develop their full potential in a supporting atmosphere. Male students may continue their studies within the Minor Seminary, while female students may continue their studies in the Conservatory’s Secondary School. The Secondary School’s aim is to ensure students’ personal developments along with academic.