‘Same judgement should apply to any govt system’; Sant abstains on Bulgaria vote

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT in pleanry sesson week 37 2017 in Strasbourg

Labour MEP Alfred Sant stated he has abstained on the resolution adopted by the European Parliament about the situation in Bulgaria. On Thursday Nationalist Party MEP Roberta Metsola has received a torrent of criticism after moving amendments to a resolution focusing on rule of law concerns in Bulgaria.

Many have, however, interpreted them as the EPP’s attempt to defend one of its own, populist Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who has been facing ongoing anti-government protests since July over allegations of corruption and state capture. Metsola insisted that they had been misrepresented.

The Labour MEPs said that Metsola sought to remove references to the deterioration of the rule of law and democracy in Libya, as well as threats to media freedom and corruption.

In a statement Alfred Sant explained how he believes that if a judgment is going to be applied to any government system, it has to be based on a dispassionate, objective examination but that process does not exist, said Sant.

“For the last six years I have been questioning the legitimacy of this kind of resolution when applied to the Malta government for sure, but equally when applied to other governments. What happens is in my view, a polarised, politically skewed method, both at European Parliament and at Commission level,” said the Labour MEP.

Alfred Sant mentioned how he had no option but vote against the EPP amendments and to abstain on the final resolution and in no way should this be taken as an explicit or implicit endorsement of what is happening in Bulgaria, stated the MEP.

The Labour MEP stated that ‘it is indefesnible for someone to be at the forefront in promoting allegations, strictures and sanctions against the government of Malta and then light a candle for the Bulgarian government and present now amendments in defence or mitigation of its position.’