Ryding high

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Ryde is the latest ride-hailing service to hit Malta’s shores and, according to its promoters, it is revolutionizing the way we view sustainable mobility in Malta. The iconic black London Cab is Ryde’s fully electric ‘hero car’, which offers a glimpse of what this mobility company has to offer.

People first

With over 80 cabs to its current fleet in Malta, Ryde has made its service and drivers its unique selling point. Ryde was built around the philosophy that humans and the environment surrounding them should come first, “where success is measured by well-being and not just in figures or statistics”, said a Ryde spokesperson. Ryde, in fact, is ‘driver-obsessed’ with the belief that: “if the drivers are happy, then the Ryders are happy, our tech capability is exceptional, but also worthless without the amazing humans involved. It’s that simple, we believe it’s the human side of things that puts the magic into our business” said a spokesperson for Ryde.

Comfort and accessibility

Ryde is a mobility provider which offers advantages such as ramp access for wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs (without the need for passengers to leave the seat), 3 + 3 seating facing each other, full-sky roof and ample luggage capacity. The total Ryde fleet includes many other normal passenger vehicles and a fleet of minivans.

The Ryde app works on global best-in-class mobility tech allowing users to easily book their preferred mode. “Seamless on-demand and pre-booking services with super terms for both riders and drivers have given this app an unexpected but welcome head start,” said a Ryde spokesperson.   

With environmental issues on top of mind, Ryde spokesperson said that the company will, in fact, be rolling out a major initiative that further supports its commitment to Malta’s environmental well-being in the coming weeks.

The Ryde Malta app is available for download on the App Store and on Google Play. When using Ryde, the new norms for health and safety are strictly adhered to, with Perspex sheets separating drivers from passengers and masks worn at all times.