Ryanair to end free hand luggage allowance

In order to “speed up boarding and cut flight delays” Ryanair is to enforce rules on baggage that passengers can carry with them.

As from November, passengers will still be allowed to take a small personal bag in the cabin if it fits under the front seat.

In order to take a hand luggage of 10kg on board, one must pay an additional charge of €6.66. €11.10 must also be paid if passengers wish to store the bag in the hold instead.

Under this new rule, only 95 passengers – about half the total for each flight – will be able to pay to take an extra bag on board. Other passengers will have to pay €8.88 to €11.10 for a bag of 10 kg to enter their hold. bigger luggage will cost € 27.75.

This is the second year that Ryanair changed the luggage procedure cab.