Ryanair says planes under Maltese instruction at time of collision

In their statement responding to last night’s incident involving a Ryanair and Turkish Airlines planes, Ryanair said ‘both aircraft were under the instruction of Malta Air Traffic Control at the time’.

The statement follows an incident were the two aircraft collided while taxiing at Malta International Airport. It is understood that the winglet of the Ryanair plane hit the tail of the Turkish airlines plane.

They express that passengers on the Ryanair flight were accommodated overnight before being put on a replacement flight to Bari, their destination. The aircraft was also inspected by Ryanair engineers and the damage to the wingtip was repaired.

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The news of the incident was reported to Newsbook.com.mt shortly after 9PM last night and journalists were on the scene speaking to passengers about what happened.

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There has been no statements from Turkish Airlines at this time.