Ryanair flights: Mandatory masks amongst other health measures

Ryanair has made face masks/coverings mandatory at all times, amongst other health measures. The company has issued a set of guidelines for travel given that 1st July sees the company resuming its operations with 1,000 daily flights. These measures include compulsory rules so as to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19.

A statement issued by Ryanair outlined that the measures are the following:

  1. Mandatory masks: Customers must wear face masks/coverings at all times in the terminal and on board the aircraft. Ryanair crew will do the same.
  2. Temperature checks: All persons entering the airport (prior to check-in/ security screening) will have their temperature checked. Customers are also urged to check their temperature prior to departing home.
  3. Hand hygiene: Customers and crew are encouraged to regularly hand wash and use hand sanitizers throughout airport terminals before boarding.
  4. Pre-airport check-in and boarding pass: Customers are encouraged to check-in online and download boarding passes via the Ryanair app.
  5. Self-service: Bag drops are limited to self-service in all airports where this service is available. Customers also to self-scan their boarding passes when boarding.
  6. Limited baggage: Customers are urged to minimise baggage, preferably to 2 carry-on bags only.
  7. Fast track and Priority Boarding: Use of the fast track service to reduce queuing times at airport security and Priority Boarding to reduce interaction.
  8. No queuing: During boarding, no customers will be allowed to dwell in boarding stairwells or air bridges. Queuing will also not be allowed on board at toilets.
  9. Cashless payments: Card payments only for all inflight purchases and airport fees/charges.
  10. Limited trolley service: A limited inflight Getaway Cafe service will operate offering pre-packaged snacks and drinks. Ryanair’s Runway Retail inflight magazine will be only available on the Ryanair app.
  11. Aircraft sanitization: All aircrafts will be disinfected daily with hospital grade disinfectant chemicals that are effective for over 24 hours.
  12. HEPA filters: The fleet is fitted with a state of the art filtering system, which removes airborne particles and recycles airflow every 3-4 minutes.