“Ruth Amaira never agreed to lead the debate” – PBS

Grech's team tried to influence her - Delia

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Journalist Ruth Amaira never agreed to take part in the debate between Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia, which is expected to take place in a few days. This was announced in a statement by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) this evening after earlier, Delia’s election campaign team said that Grech’s election campaign team tried to influence a journalist who would run the debate.

Bernard Grech and the current Leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia are contesting for leadership of the Nationalist Party. The election is expected to take place on October 3rd.

PBS said that with reference to various statements issued today in connection with a debate organized by the Nationalist Party’s Electoral Commission, it is not true that journalist Ruth Amaira was going to lead this debate. It insisted that the journalist herself stated to PBS that she had never and in no way confirmed her participation in this debate, on the contrary, she continuously refused to participate despite being approached to do so several times and by different people.

Earlier on:

In a statement, the team that is helping Delia’s election campaign said that the Electoral Commission announced that journalist Ruth Amaira was chosen to lead the first debate between the two candidates. The same journalist seems to have informed the Electoral Commission that she was withdrawing her participation from this debate. According to Delia’s team, she did this after “Dr Bernard Grech’s team approached this journalist to try to influence her.”

“Lies” – Grech’s team

In response to allegations by Delia’s team, Grech’s team insisted that this was a lie that pressure had been put on a particular journalist. The team said that as soon as it was informed of the debate and the name of the journalist, they made contact to talk about the format. He said the journalist immediately informed them that she had already informed the Electoral Commission that she would not be leading the debate.