Running round Malta to raise funds for education

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Claudio Camilleri and Patrick Tabone will attempt a run around Malta and Gozo to raise funds for the Education Support Programme run by Kopin and the Jesuit Refugee Service that helps refugee and migrant children and youths gain better access to education and training.

During the Mid-Morning Mag hosted by Colin Fitz, Camilleri and Tabone spoke about the upcoming run, while 19-year-old Samuel Maker from South Sudan spoke about his dream of becoming a doctor in order to help others.

‘I want to help other people’

Maker reached Malta last year. He dreams of becoming a doctor one day and has enrolled at MCAST.

During the interview, Maker explained that South Sudan has been in catapulted into a civil war and spoke about the lack of opportunities for education. He also spoke about the discrimination he suffered during his time in Libya.

Education for all

Camilleri and Tabone explained the idea behind Saturday’s big event. By teaming up with JRS and Kopin, the pair will raise money to fund the education of asylum seekers and refugees for them to be able to pursue their career path.

Camilleri explained that the NGOs have created different programmes which students such as Maker can benefit from.

Tabone remarked that we tend to take our education for granted, forgetting that others might not have access to it.

“We want refugees and asylum seekers to have the same opportunity as our children,” Tabone said.

Through the run around the Maltese islands, they are hoping to create awareness, apart from raising funds.

Camilleri and Tabone will start their run at 3.45 am on Saturday 25th July. The run is expected to last around 35 hours.

They will start at the Independence Gardens in Sliema and continue along the coast to Cirkewwa then go clockwise round Gozo before returning to Malta and going from Cirkewwa down the West coast of the island, right round the Southern tip at Birzebbugia, through to the three cities and Valletta, before they go back to the Independence Gardens in Sliema once again.

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