Run the #WaveOfChange with the Power of Three

The popular initiative to beat plastic waste challenges people to collect three pieces of trash, for three days, and then tell three people about it.

Rene Rossignaud

The Run the #WaveofChange 2020 campaign is soon set to launch in Malta, to keep raising awareness about trash and pollution.

Continuing the popular initiative that was originally launched in 2019 by running partners Trudy Kerr and Deborah Gatt, Run the #WaveofChange seeks to encourage people to collect waste that would otherwise have ended up in the sea.

In the Run the #WaveofChange 2020 campaign, more than 500 runners will take part in various phases of a 168km run around the coastline of Malta, the equivalent of four full marathons, over 26 hours, on the 28th and 29th March. Along the coastal route, there will also be over 30 clean-up events taking place with companies, volunteers and CSR teams from NGOs all participating.

“Everyone is welcome: runners, helpers, clean-uppers and anyone who wants to come along,” explains Ms Kerr, “You can take part however you like, but above all, just pick up rubbish. Every piece of rubbish makes a difference – whether you are picking it up or throwing it. That’s why we’ve built the campaign around the rule of three: simply pick up at least three pieces of trash, for three days, and then tell three of your friends to do the same. If we all did that, just imagine the difference we could make together.”

The 2020 initiative also includes a Couch to Coastline campaign for those wishing to take part as runners, as well as a media campaign and educational branch with competitions and events in local schools.

The national campaign aims to create fun events to help raise awareness of the increasingly serious problem of waste polluting our seas and planet. Studies show that around eight million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year. Since common pollutants such as plastic bags never fully degrade in the water, the amount of rubbish in international waters now poses serious risks for the planet, with some studies saying that ocean plastic is expected to outweigh fish by 2050 unless definitive action is taken now both by corporations and the general public.

Rene Rossignaud

“Last year the Run the #WaveofChange campaign collected an incredible 6.5 tonnes of trash with the help of more than 200 people involved in the nine clean-ups, and over a hundred runners. This year, we are covering a far longer distance in the run, with more than three times as many clean-ups taking place en route and ten times as many runners. I can’t wait to see what our final figure for trash collected will be this year! But above all, we want to encourage people to think about the impact of their actions on the planet, to change the way they reduce, reuse and recycle, to create awareness in companies and change their behaviour, and motivate people to get fitter by getting up and getting out,” Ms Kerr continued.

The Run the #WaveofChange 2020 event will take place over the 28th and the 29th March 2020. While there is no participation fee, those interested are asked to collect three pieces of rubbish and use the hashtag #WaveOfChange on social media prior to submitting their application. More information may be found on the Run the #WaveofChange Facebook page.

This content was supplied by Run the #WaveofChange