Rubens, truth, technology and politics

Truth in our technologically driven society and its ramifications to politics and public life form part of a series of reflections organised by the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality. The innovative initiative weaves art and faith.

This year the reflective journey is being inspired by the Tapestry called ‘Time revealing Truth’, part of the St John’s Co-Cathedral set of Tapestries, based on works of Peter Paul Rubens. The reflections hosted in collaboration with PietreVive, a Jesuit initiative exploring faith through art, invites participants to explore the themes of the revelation of truth.

There will be a series of four evening discussions held every Friday of October from 7.30pm till 9.00pm at the University Chaplaincy in Msida. On the 4th October Giulia Privitelli from PietreVive will explore Rubens’ spirituality shown through the artistic elements of the Tapestry. On the 11th October, Prof Anthony Frendo, a biblical scholar will elaborate on truth as revealed in the Scriptures, with particular reference to the Book of Revelation. On the 18th October, Dr Nadia Delicata, a theologian, will discuss the relational aspect of truth in a technology-driven society. On the 25th October, Prof Edward Warrington, a lecturer and researcher in Public Policy will explore truth in the times we live, with particular reference to current politics and public life.

The series of reflections will close off with a spiritual personal and group reflection to be held on Saturday the 26th October from 9.30am to 12.30pm.  This event is being coordinated by Mr. Sandro Rossi. The reflections are open to the general public and no booking is necessary. Participation is free. The sessions are stand-alone with a continuous reflective thread about truth linking them all. Those who can attend even one session are welcome and will have a fruitful experience. Those attending all the sessions will have a more comprehensive experience.