Rotten apples have no place in the Labour basket says Bartolo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Rotten apples have no place in the Labour basket. This was the stark opinion expressed by the Minister of Education Evarist Bartolo in his now daily morning missive on Facebook. Bartolo said that the party should not carry the can because of a few rotten apples since the party has lots of honest persons of goodwill who want to see the party led on the principles it was founded almost 100 years ago.

The party was formed so that the wealth created is equally distributed, work created and social justice and democracy prevail. The party stood for equality before the law, civil rights, equal opportunities in education and health and social welfare to enable a decent living.

Bartolo said that the change which needs to happen cannot let everything remain the same. He insisted that the country must change direction and that the economic development which is required should not be beneficial to a few business families who snatched the country for themselves.