Watch: Rosselli – The new 5 star hotel in Valletta

Within 48 hours of the hotel opening last week the hotel has been shortlisted for two awards.

“I couldn’t be more proud, we already ranked as top 7 in the Best Hotel under 50 rooms and top 4 for Best Suites in Europe ‘– comments,” said Claire Zammit Xuereb, AX Group Hospitality Director and one of the main drivers of this project, after hearing the news.

“Our Rosselli is a unique concept both in terms of it’s hospitality aspects as well as the design. The objective in terms of the look is creating a stage that ignores current trends but instead is suspended in time.

The brief for the designers – Forward Architects – was a fusion of themes that surprise, provoke and stir emotion. And we are so happy to hear that this has been already appreciated and recognised.”

As for the hospitality aspect – today’s travel market is driven by apps and the regular interface is a screen and not somebody’s face. AX Privilege, under which the 5 star Rosselli is being launched, is designed around the human element.

“From people to people, that is how we aim to give our service. We want you to feel the warmth of our hospitality and we want you to feel the privilege of coming to stay with us. This translates through the way that the rooms are designed and the level of service introduced. For instance, we have brought back the personal butler service, so that our guests will have the attention they require. Everything to their wishes. Everything with a human touch,” Claire Zammit Xuereb concluded.