Rokku’s life changed; Fundraising marathon for Dar Nazareth

Updated 05:35 PM

Two brothers from Tarxien, Twanny and Rokku are residents at Dar Nazareth in Zejtun. Fr Anġ Seychell in a video explained that Rokku who would not utter a word, started speaking with the animals which are kept at one of the residence care homes.

Fr Seychell explained that nowadays Rokku can be seen speaking to the birds and dogs present. “While before he was always silent, since he’s been at one of care homes, he started to befriend animals and started to talk to them. This was a big step for Rokku,” Fr Seychell explains in a video.

On the other hand, his brother Twanny enjoys colouring.

A fundraising marathon in aid of Dar Nazareth is being held on Sunday. Those who would like to contribute can either call on 51702017 to donate €15, 51802092 to donate €25, 51902086 to donate €50. One may also send an SMS on 50618078 to donate €4.66. Donations through Revolut are also accepted.

The Foundation is seeking to raise funds to build a fourth care home. Until 5.30pm, a total of €27,685 were raised.

Fr Seychell who is a priest from Żejtun and the person behind the Foundation, explained that they had a dream which later became a reality – that is to provide care in a family like environment for people with disability who either cannot remain living at their parents’ home or the parents have passed away.

Fr Seychell had opened his house in Żejtun to people with disability some twenty-five years ago. The home was opened up to differently-abled individuals after Fr Seychell had listened to the concerns of families who have relatives with disability and were concerned about the welfare of their relatives once they passed away.

Dar Nazareth was opened on 8 September 1995, offering an alternative community to those who join the house. The family soon grew from five individuals to ten. In 1998, Nazareth Foundation was founded. Two years later, Fr Seychell donated his house to the foundation.

Dar San Ġużepp Ħaddiem was opened in June 2001. The place serves a workshop for the residents where they can learn new skills. A year later, a second care home was opened and welcomed 9 other individuals. In 2009, a third home was opened and welcomed another nine individuals.