Robert Abela will not remove citizenship programme

The candidate for Labour Party leader Robert Abela said that he would be a populist if he had to say that he will remove the citizenship programme.

In a conference for journalists, where he launched his proposals, Dr Abela said that he will preserve the citizenship programme including every change and addition to the regulations.

When asked whether he will publish a separate list of those who had bought Maltese citizenship through the IIP scheme, Dr Abela said that he will refrain from doing so. He made it clear, however, that he would not be proudly enough to refuse if the list had to be requested with the aim of saving the whole scheme.

He further said that the most important point that should undergo change is that related to residence. When asked to mention the proposals he has for change in this area, Dr Abela replied that there is a lot to be done.

He admitted that the programme is currently quite rigid but that he will ensure accountability.

Among the proposals that were launched, Dr Abela said that for the problem of renting, he has an innovative proposal where the Government would buy vacant and delipitated properties and through maintenance these would be rented against an affordable price.

Other proposals include better payments for Maltese workers, free medicines for pensioners as well as more green areas around Malta.