Robert Abela to contest PL leadership

Government MP Robert Abela has announced that he will contest the upcoming Partit Laburista leadership race. On Saturday, Abela wrote on Facebook that he will humbly accept the call of those who have called on him to contest the leadership race. ‘Together we shall keep the flame alive, the same flame that makes us proud of our country and our party,’ Abela wrote on Facebook.

This decision is likely to create waves as a few hours earlier, a prominent minister and one of the first to declare for Fearne, Ian Borg, remarked on Facebook “who am I to cause a split in the party at this delicate juncture? And why: for personal glory or to please others”.

On Friday, Abela declared that he is “not interested in entering in any devilish pact”. In his Facebook post, he wrote that he will not participate in any devilish pact to “buy myself a comfortable seat and withal to sell my country, the Labour Party and the true Labourites, all shrouded behind the fake excuse of unity.”

“If I do that I would have to repay debts which will have to be paid twice over and compromises which will tie my hands before I even start. I am not power hungry and I have no rabid or blind ambition for a seat at all costs, so this will not cloud my judgement at a time that is so delicate for the whole country. Unity is best preserved through honesty and correct behaviour. Is it possible that out of all these problems, nothing has yet been learnt,” wrote Abela.