Richmond Foundation monitoring the psychological wellbeing of the nation through research

Richmond Foundation is conducting a survey on the nation’s mental health under the unprecedented restrictions on social interaction posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Richmond Foundation said that its aim is to monitor the psychological wellbeing of the nation as the coronavirus pandemic, and its aftermath impact on Malta and Gozo. The survey will be repeated regularly until the start of 2021.

In order to do this, the Foundation is collaborating with Esprimi to carry out a series of public sentiment surveys and assess the toll that the novel coronavirus is taking on the national population’s mental well-being.

To carry out this research Richmond Foundation has been provided with EU funds through the European Social Fund.

The Foundation explained that through social distancing, school closures, work layoffs, and a partial and mandatory lockdown to some – people from all walks of life are facing major disruptions to their lives, with a large chunk of individuals feeling anxious or worried about the outbreak and the trail of negative consequences that comes with it. 

It was also explained how the mental health impact of the pandemic will last longer than the physical health impact and therefore we need to understand it and monitor it closely to respond appropriately, and in an efficient and effective manner, stated Richmond Foundation which is also encouraging people to participate so that the survey would represent a wide-spread of the population.