Restaurants and hairdressers re-open after 9-week lockdown

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

As from today restaurants, hairdressers, barbershops, nail and beauty salons can re-open as announced early this week by Prime Minister Robert Abela after having closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the re-opening of a number of businesses, the public will have to follow guidelines set by the authorities. Even re-opened businesses will have to adhere to the guidelines and regulations issued by the government so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci explained that the relaxation of measures is being done based on the risk assessment conducted by the health authorities to determine what is deemed safe and what is not.

At least 157 catering establishments are ready to reopen today. The Malta Tourism Authority said that these establishments asked the authority to send inspectors to certify that they are complying with COVID-19-related measures.

Those certified to be compliant will be issued with a COVID-19 compliance sticker.

Also, restaurants failing to follow the new regulations as they open again will have their licence to operate revoked.

Ideally, financial transactions are carried out through contactless cards rather than handling cash.

Relaxation of measures:

  • Health services unrelated to coronavirus will be increased: cardiology clinics, well-baby clinics to reopen, as well as health clinics in several towns and villages; mental health services to be offered in these clinics;
  • In Mater Dei: more outpatients clinics, more imaging services, increase in non-urgent operations being done, such as day cases; IVF service to be offered again in MDH; partner of the woman giving birth will be allowed in; screening of large intestine to be offered once again;
  • Groups of 6 now allowed in public places as from Friday, instead of 4;
  • Open-air cinemas to be allowed to operate whilst still maintaining social distancing;
  • Individual sports to be allowed as from Friday, such as tennis; training can be done outside as long as the group is not larger than 6;
  • Funeral mass to be allowed as from Friday with certain restrictions;
  • Restaurants to reopen with a maximum of 6 tables, as well as measures to ensure the distance between tables; restaurants with tables outside to use this facility;
  • Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and nail technicians to reopen whilst following restrictive measures

Also, as from today, the Curia issued a set of directives for Funeral Masses.

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