RESPECT Motorsport to organise second event

After the first event of RESPECT Motorsport on the 18th of November, where more than 500 cars met at Ta’ Qali to raise awareness about the need for a Road Safety and Motorsport Facility, the group felt the need to organise a second event on Sunday 14th  April.

The group says that it felt the need to organise this event after for another five months it seems that nothing has been done by the authorities, except that another report was issued and published by the European Union, which says that in the last eight years Malta registered the largest increase in rate of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents. The 31 deaths per million in 2010 increased to 38, an increase of 38%.

According to a statement issued by the group, it appears that the agenda of both the government and the opposition is to: “ignore reports such as these, even when these are published during the election campaign for the election of representatives to the European Parliament as none of them bothered to speak about it.” As for motorsport, it says, more and more children and young trainees had to go abroad to train and practise their sport.

The group said that apart from the government keeping both its election promises, that of 2013 and that of 2017, it is untrue that the safety on our roads is on its agenda as a purposely built road safety facility is the only thing that can improve the quality of driving in Malta. As in many other European countries, such a facility can be easily incorporated in the motorsport facility, the group stated.

The appeal of the group for all who have the safety of our roads at heart, for all those who want to see the sport of go-karts, cars and motorcycles to develop as all other sport disciplines, or those who wish to practise their sport in Malta is to join RESPECT Motorsport on Sunday 14th April at Pembroke Park and Ride or at Ta’ Xbiex near the Black Pearl Restaurant at 8.00am.