Clean up the Partit Laburista say protestors

A protest is underway in front of Castille on Saturday for the second time in less than 24 hours, again demanding Prime Minister Joseph’s Muscat’s resignation. Organised by Moviment Graffitti, the speakers described the situation as a ‘maqjel ta’ poter‘ (a pigsty of power). In an open letter, the protesting bodies said that the anger of those with leftist leanings is clear and that this anger needs to be transmitted clearly. “The business class has taken an unprecedented ascendant on politics as can be seen in the mayhem in planning nad the privatisation of essential services.

An open letter which has been signed already by 171 individuals and organisations called on Partit Laburista to clean up the mess left behind by members of the business class. The signatories decried the improper relationship between government members and the business class.

Movement Graffitti activists Andre Callus and Wayne Flask, lecturer and writer Immanuel Mifsud, Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar and Book Council employee Matthew Borg, lecturer and activist Andrea Dibben.

In their letter, the activists highlighted that they’re coming from diverse backgrounds and social realities, and who all embrace and identify with Socialist, leftist or progressive values.

Writing about the current situation, the signatories said that they are outraged by the current situation.
“We find ourselves at a point where talk of economic growth is no longer enough; the people want justice, clean politics, and standards of governance that we all deserve,” the letter reads.

The signatories welcomed the resignations of Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, the ‘self-suspension’ of Economy Minister Chris Cardona and the resignation of the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri. However, they noted this is not enough. Whilst acknowledging the reforms done by the government, the signatories noted that the business class has gained unprecedented power over politics. Several examples were outlined, including the db project on the former ITS site, the AUM project in Bormla and Żonqor.

Among the signatories are various academics and activists. Aditus Foundation, Alleanza Kontra l-Faqar, Friends of the Earth Malta, Greenhouse, Integra Foundation, Isles of the Left, Mindful Warriors, Moviment Graffitti and Young Progressive Beings.

Among the close on 200 signatories were several academics as well as organisations such as Aditus, Integra, Alleanza kontra l-Faqar and Friends of the Earth

Posted by on Saturday, November 30, 2019