“Resign with immediate effect” – Repubblika

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Rule of Law NGO Repubblika reacted to the announced eventual resignation of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and insisted that he needs to resign with immediate effect.

This evening, at around 8pm, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced his resignation in January on national television. He said that in the coming days, the Labour Party will be looking into finding a new leader and following that a new Prime Minister for the nation. He said that the new Labour Party leader needs to be announced by the 12th January of 2020. As soon as the new Labour Party leader is announced, Muscat will resign a few days after. He said that then a new Prime Minister can take the lead.

In a press release, Repubblika insisted that Muscat is at the heart of one of the biggest political scandals Malta has ever witnessed. The NGO remarked that Muscat should leave Castille immediately because he should be investigated as well. It insisted that this is the only way that all proof can be preserved.

Repubblika insisted that there are reasonable suspicions that Muscat has participated and is still participating in a cover up that will save his friends from any accusations in relation to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It expressed that due to this reasoning, there’s reasonable suspicion that Muscat has more direct and grievous responsibilities.

Repubblika insisted that Muscat now needs to hand Castille’s keys to his Deputy Prime Minister. It then went on to say that a magisterial inquiry needs to be started in order to preserve all proof. 

The NGO encouraged everyone to gather in front of Parliament tomorrow at 4pm for yet another protest. The NGO said that it will keep on running these protests until all obstacles are removed.

In the meantime, following the announcement, Opposition leader Adrian Delia insisted that the country cannot go another day with Muscat as its leader. He also announced that as of tomorrow the Opposition will refuse to be present at any event that involves the Prime Minister’s presence.