Residents seek public support against ODZ application at l-Għadir

Save L- Għadir

A new development application has been filed proposing a development in an area known as l-Għadir, limits of Żurrieq.

A 129-room old people’s home is being proposed on a tract of land found between Ħal Safi, Ħal Kirkop and iż-Żurrieq. The proposed development will consist of one level of basement parking and three recessed levels. Ancillary amenities are also being proposed.

The application was published on 29 April.

In a statement a newly formed pressure group, Save l-Għadir, called for the protection of the area describing it as a green belt. “L-Għadir is a valuable green area with both cultural, historical and environmental ties,” the group said.

The group is calling on local councils of neighboring villages which consist of Ħal Safi, Ħal Kirkop, iż-Żurrieq, l-Imqabba and Qrendi to unite together and oppose the development.

Savior Sammut and Alexis Callus at what will be one of the entrances to the proposed development

Speaking to, one of the co-founders of the newly formed group, Saviour Sammut, remarked that the green belt was included in the local plans with the aim of protecting the fields and the surrounding open spaces. This would serve as a “natural lung” for the residents of the neighboring villages.

Fellow co-founder Alexis Callus told this newsroom that the area was designed as an out of development zone. He stressed that the green belt on the periphery of three localities is enjoyed by Qrendi and Imqabba residents. Callus appealed to the residents to lobby their respective local councils and demand that the area is protected from any development. If the local councils join forces, then a strong objection to the development can be made, he said. Callus stressed on the importance of safeguarding one’s rural, cultural and natural heritage.

Through its Facebook page, the newly formed front is calling the public to submit an objection against the development application (PA/02813/20). Representations may be submitted until 29 May.