“Residents are being ignored by the PA” – AD

Credit: Planning Authority

Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) said that the true needs of residents are being ignored in favour of ‘pro-business at all costs’ policies.

The political party stated that residents in a number of localities around Malta and Gozo are being consistently ignored by the Planning Authority. As a consequence, pavements’ accessibility is being sacrificed, and roads are becoming more dangerous.

AD is insisting on Local Councils being given greater autonomy over their towns, so that the true needs of the community are taken into consideration.

It stated that the most recent case involved the sacrificing of existing parking spaces for an outdoor platform for a bar in St. Julian’s. In his statement, James Gabarretta, AD spokesperson for the Urban Environment and Local Councils, questioned why public space is being given up, and already crowded pavements are being effectively privatised.

The statement went on to say that local councils are systematically left out the decision making processes involving their localities. St. Julian’s, Sliema, Gżira and Marsaxlokk are amongst the localities being affected most.