Repubblika wants to contribute to cultural transformation


Civil society movement Repubblika stated that it not only looks forward to seeing political and institutional reforms but also a cultural reform where citizens become responsible citizens. In a statement on the occasion of Republic Day, Repubblika expressed its wishes saying it wanted to see a republic where its citizens would not have to wait on a political party or its media to be informed and decide on what is morally right or wrong. The movement said that they wish to see a republic where the people’s expectations of their institutions are high and as a result the country’s institutions serve the people rather than the political party in power.

The civil society movement had already outlined some of the challenges Malta faces, including the lack of anger at environmental degradation, lack of anger at apparent corruption which involved money-laundering and what they described as “perverse” public procurement, and lack of anger at politicians who have been caught lying. Repubblika stated that the lack of anger at environmental degradation did not result only from greed but was a product of the lack of aesthetics in Maltese culture, while the lack of anger at apparent corruption resulted not only of a corrupt culture but rose out of absence of what is proper or not proper to do.

Repubblika also expressed its concerns with the extreme polarization and politics reduced to a transaction. It further criticized institutionalized corruption and the restriction of information by the government.

Repubblika further stated that in its view, education should form responsible citizens. The movement said it aimed to provide objective, competent and critical information which would encourage citizens to take a critical look at practices which it described as “defective” in Malta’s democracy.