Repubblika NGO officially launched

Left to Right: Sammi Davis, Secretary General Dr Robert Aquilina, President Marion Pace Asciaq, Treasurer Paula Fleri-Soler, Simon Sansone

The Maltese civil society organisation ‘Repubblika’ was officially launched  at an event in Floriana last night.

The 40 strong member NGO, approved its statute and the election of  its first executive committee.

Members elected  Marion Pace Asciaq to the position of President and Chair of Repubblika, Dr Robert Aquilina to Secretary General and Paula Fleri-Soler as Treasurer.

The organisation will focus on the promotion of  a series of democratic freedoms and rule of law based areas including civil rights, free speech, economic sustainability, to name a few.  This is bolstered through active participation the national discourse and through a number of initiatives based in education and charity work.

By law, Repubblika now needs to register with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and in the Register for Legal Persons.