Repubblika disgusted by Speaker’s decision

€80,000 a year abusive contract will not be discussed

Parliamentary speaker Anglu Farrugia on Budget day
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Repubblika reaffirms its disgust for the decision of the Speaker Dr Anglu Farrugia, parliament should defend an €80,000 a year abusive contract because Joseph Muscat vacated his parliamentary seat.

In his ruling, Farrugia backed the argument made by the government MPs: that Muscat could not be summoned. This contrasts with the Committee on Standards of the British Parliament, whose practices Malta generally draws on. But Farrugia said that in this case, the Maltese law did not empower the committee to probe ex-MPs: the British equivalent had been specifically amended to make this possible.

According to an investigation by the Commissioner for Standards, Muscat was found guilty of exceeding his powers and violating the Code of Ethics with his instructions to the Malta Tourism Authority to hire Konrad Mizzi on an €80,000 contract.

The NGO said that the same report states that Gavin Gulia and Johann Bittigieg failed in their responsibilities.

Gavin Gulia is contesting today’s casual election on the 7th electoral district for Edward Scicluna’s vacated seat.

On the year commemorating the 100th anniversary of the house of representatives we are noticing a bigger sense of impunity from those in power said Repubblika.

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