Ramona Attard resigns from the PA appeals board

Updated 12:36 PM

Ramona Attard has resigned as a member of the Planning Authority appeals board prior to submitting her nomination for the election for the post of President of the Labour Party. Attard stated this on a post on Facebook after the NGO Repubblika issued a statement calling for her removal from the PA appeals board.

Infurmata li Repubblika ħarġet stqarrija fejn qed issaqsi għat-tneħħija tiegħi minn fuq it-Tribunal tar-Reviżjoni…

Posted by Ramona Attard on Monday, July 6, 2020

Repubblika appealed for Attard’s removal from the board

While congratulating Ramona Attard for contesting for the post of Labour Party’s President , Repubblika considers that, the spirit of good governance and justice necessitates that her new role renders untenable Attard’s position on the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal.

In a statement, the NGO said that consequently Ramona Attard should resign from this tribunal with immediate effect.

Repubblika pointed out that the tribunal is a quasi-judicial body which is to be independent of Government.

The anti-corruption NGO had already criticised Attard’s nomination to the Tribunal a few days after Joseph Muscat’s resignation. Repubblika stated that since she had occupied a position of trust as a consultant to Muscat it is unfair to appoint persons on the basis of political loyalty.

Repubblika also added that Prime Minister Robert Abela has the duty to ensure that justice is done and is seen to be done, and therefore he has the obligation to see to it that Ramona Attard is removed from the PA board.