Repubblika calls for prison director’s removal

The anti-corruption NGO Repubblika has called for the removal of the Director of the Corradino Correctional Facility, CCF, Alexander Dalli, following the death of a 25-year old Pakistani inmate.

On Friday it was confirmed with this newsroom that neither the family nor the inmate’s lawyer were informed about the death of Ihtisham Ithisham. Authorities reported that the inmate was found dead on Thursday by the prison guards.

Speaking to this newsroom, the lawyer who was given the brief after Ihtisham was sentenced, said that it was only after he saw an online article that he contacted the prison authorities to check whether it was his client.

In a statement published on Saturday Repubblika said that under his leadership 11 inmates died in prison and the reasons behind most of the deaths remained unexplained.

In the meantime, on Saturday, CCF authorities have also issued a statement saying that the inmate did not provide any information about his family upon his entry and therefore they could not inform them with his death.

The Correctional Services Agency said that as per usual procedure in such scenarios they have to inform the Police which had to contact the Consulate in Malta so that his family could be identified and informed.

The NGO Repubblika has also proposed that for the time being the prison should be administered by a Parliamentary Committee which is to be in contact with the administrators of the facility including those who work to safeguard the rights of the inmates.

Repubblika is also calling for a public and independent inquiry to assess the conditions within the correctional facility and for the necessary reforms to be implemented which should safeguard the dignity of each and every inmate.