Repubblika blasts Abela for using party media to announce national decisions

Robert Abela
Miguela Xuereb

Civil society NGO Repubblika heaped scorn on Prime Minister Robert Abela’s tendency to announce national decisions on his party’s stations, arguing that this was an insult to democracy and a show of arrogance.

Just today, Abela used party media to announce that Malta’s public health emergency – announced with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic – is set to be declared over.

Repubblika said that Abela appeared to have failed to realise that “he was appointed as Prime Minister and not only as the leader of the Partit Laburista.”

It reiterate that he should show respect to the public and stop using his party’s channels to announce national decisions, stating that the fact that he does so time and time again was an insult to democracy.

“By any chance, is Robert Abela thinking that the time has come to close down the national broadcasting stations and that we are to listen only to those belonging to his party,” the NGO asked.

However, it added that it did not insist on this issue because it had faith in the fairness and impartiality of the national stations, describing them as dominated, used and abused by the government.

“Nevertheless, Robert Abela’s flagrant use of his party’s media to express government business is revealing of his arrogance towards Maltese citizens, without any respect for the individual views of each citizen,” the NGO said.

“Robert Abela seems to have acquired this arrogant attitude from Joseph Muscat.”