“Reopening of schools is crucial” – Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry stated that the Government’s commitment to reopening schools in September is crucial.

In a statement, the Malta Chamber said that the reopening of schools is crucial for the for the proper functioning of the economy. Furthermore it’s also crucial for ensuring that upcoming generations do not suffer educational gaps that would jeopardise their futures and the country’s future HR capabilities.

It also outlined that it largely welcomed the measures announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Superintendent of Public Health in an effort to curb further spread of COVID-19. This is because they fulfill the request for clearer guidelines for businesses to follow. The Chamber understands the need for restrictions in the serving of alcohol in bars and other restrictions announced.  This was rendered necessary due to a clear lack of discipline and enforcement in certain sectors of the economy and in general as a country.

Moving forward, it is recommending that the Government learn from the mistakes that have been made. This is by planning a holistic exit strategy from the current restrictions with measured steps that are complementary to each other and to different sectors of society and the economy. It is also important that this plan is communicated clearly to all stakeholders.

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