“Release my daughter from Mount Carmel”


A Swedish woman working in Malta who is bipolar and was taken to Mount Carmel Hospital for treatment told her family that she was locked up inside and that she was not allowed to leave.

The niece of the woman’s mother wrote an appeal on Facebook on behalf of the mother to help her cousin. The mother wrote how the child has been taking treatment for her condition, and is currently very unstable and therefore not allowed to fly back home. This post was also reported on in Corriere di Malta, an online news portal.

The mother said that she is coming to Malta and try and get her released from Mount Carmel.

According to the Facebook post, this young woman said that when she arrived in hospital nurses held her to inject her with different strong medications. She told her family that she was forced to wash herself in front of other patients, and that she was hit when she started to panic. She said that she started to feel like a prisoner.

The woman’s family have confirmed that they are travelling to Malta.