Religious pilgrimages will be limited to 100 people

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The procession in the form of a pilgrimage to celebrate the Titular and Secondary feasts in our parishes will be limited to 100 people. This was announced on Friday morning by the Ministry for Health in a statement which gives also details explained by deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne during a press conference on Thursday.

A Curia spokesperson confirmed with that the Archidiocese of Malta will follow the guidelines provided by the Health Authorities.

On Thursday Minister Fearne announced that as of today health and safety directives regarding social distancing during events will be implemented.

Fearne stated that mass events will be held only with directives in place.

These directives are that there must be no more than one person per every 4 square meters, and groups must not be more than 10 people. These 10 people must stick together without mixing with others. Furthermore, the responsibility for enforcing these directives falls on the organisers.