Relationship between cancer and tap water is only causal – WSC

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There is only a causal association between bladder cancer and exposure to chemicals in tap water known as Trihalomethanes (THM).

This was said in press release by the Water Services Corporation (WSC).

WSC was reacting to a study released in an American journal called Environment Health Perspectives. The study that investigates chemicals in drinking water says that the situation of tap water in Malta is one of the worst in Europe. It said that one of every five cases of bladder cancer in Malta came about following tap water consumption.

The Corporation explained that the limit featured in the EU Drinking Water Directive is 100 µg/litre. It explained that this limit was never exceeded in Malta and the average reading is of 49.4 µg/litre which is half the maximum allowed. The EU Drinking Water Directive ensures that water reaching clients in Malta and within the EU is safe for human consumption.

It went on to say that despite the fact that Malta’s water is safe for consumption, because it’s below the EU established limit and that there is no known direct correlation between bladder cancer and potable water, the corporation is currently investing heavily in improving the water well beyond EU established limits.

This investment will result in an improvement in taste as well as further reduction in THM levels. The Corporation explained that this is part of the €150 million EU funded project ‘Towards a Net Zero-Impact Utility’ and other initiatives currently being implemented by the WSC.