Regulations to safeguard palm trees

Now that the lampuki fishing season is well underway, the Plant Protection Directorate asks those involved in the cutting of palm fronds for use in these activities to observe certain guidelines in order to safeguard the health of these trees.

The Plant Protection Directorate emphases that it is important to carry out preventive chemical treatment on palm trees after pruning of fronds to reduce the dispersion of the Red Palm Weevil since this pest prefers to lay its eggs on fresh cuts in the palm tree.

This treatment must be repeated for three consecutive times at four-week intervals and special attention must be given if fronds are taken from the palm species Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis) which is one of the most susceptible types for this insect.

For further information and guidance, one can contact the Plant Protection Directorate within the Ministry for the Environment on 22926535, or on freephone 80072310.

One can also send an e-mail to or visit the Directorate’s website