Regulation will protect business online – Zammit Dimech

MEP Francis Zammit Dimech has participated in the first round of negotiations on new regulations to protect the interests of small businesses using online platforms.

He said that it is important to protect small businesses and consumers from dangerous practices online. To do this, businesses and online platforms should be led by a set of principles of fairness and good faith. This would entail the creation of a ‘black list’ of practices that the platforms should avoid when operating with business users.

As Rapporteur for the regulation, Zammit Dimech had previously put forward amendments aimed at improving the element of fairness for businesses online. These were later approved.

With online platforms increasing in Malta, this regulation is much needed, he explains.

‘This regulation is not only crucial for Maltese businesses including those in the hospitality sector that rely on platforms to reach their consumers, but also for consumers that use platforms extensively to buy flights, accommodation and other products from platforms and seek best value deals.’