“Reduction in EU funding for Malta not acceptable” – PM Robert Abela

DOI: Omar Camilleri

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Interviewed on One Radio, the Prime Minister and Labour Party leader, Robert Abela, focused his comments solely on the European Council meetings in Brussels which tackled the European Financial Budget for the period 2021- 2027.

“The European Union is now expecting and proposing to Malta to reduce the structural funds and instead provide funding ten times as much. This is unacceptable” said Robert Abela

Prime Minister Abela then said how he made Malta’s position crystal clear on what the Maltese government expects from the European Budget.

Regarding these funds, Abela said that the Maltese Government are facing certain issues which people are not aware of. He was referring to the structural and Cohesion funds allocated for the agricultural sector as to how they were negotiated by former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi. Prime Minister Robert Abela said that in such matter Malta ended up supplying more money than receiving.   

Robert Abela mentioned that at this stage all member states were seeking an agreement on the Structural and Cohesion Fund and said he is confident and satisfied with how Malta discussed and negotiated the talks held in Brussels on the European Budget for the next six years.