Redesigning mental wellbeing at the workplace

After 20 years of service to corporate entities, Richmond Foundation have launched ‘Healthy Minds Work’, a new service, created in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting and supported by the Deloitte Foundation, which will be offering new options for the wellbeing of management and employees, along with the previous services offered by Richmond Foundation, which have also been revamped.

When a sense of wellness permeates an organisation, the employees enjoy an improved experience.  Mental health at the workplace has become key in corporate discourse and agendas.

Research has repeatedly shown that having the right support structures implemented reduces presenteeism and absenteeism, and creates an organisational culture of openness and awareness. A proactive, preventive approach is more beneficial and more cost-effective than reactive measures taken during later stages of declining mental health. When employees trust that they have options to seek professional help with full confidentiality, it encourages a relationship of trust and loyalty with the management and organisation.

‘Healthy Minds Work’ was created with this in mind. After an in-depth analysis carried out by Deloitte Consulting, new packages were designed to be able to suit the needs of companies of different sizes and sectors making them more sustainable.

With ‘Healthy Minds Work’, businesses and organisations will be able to choose from a range of services, including employee wellbeing barometers, consultation about mental wellbeing at the workplace, ongoing professional training, support, therapy services, and crises intervention among others.

Stephania Dimech Sant, Richmond Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, explained that, “This collaboration has been an interesting journey with a highly esteemed partner. We have reviewed all that has been achieved over the years, and are now looking forward to offering a range of improved pertinent services to our existing clients, and to reach out to new ones.  As various industries engage with the challenges of returning to business following the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health support is an underpinning factor. We encourage companies to explore what we have to offer them; the timing couldn’t be better.”

“The Deloitte Foundation was created to make an impact under four main pillars: Cultural Heritage, Societal Impact, Quality Education and Environmental Sustainability. Through our collaboration with Richmond Foundation, we are able to strengthen our purpose within the community and create an offering that seeks to support individuals during the post COVID-19 reality. We are excited to bring ‘Healthy Minds Work’ to life in the upcoming weeks to further highlight the importance of mental well-being in the work place,” said Malcolm Booker, Chairman of the Deloitte Foundation.

For more information, you may contact Svetlana Gatt on or visit the website Healthy Minds Work.