Majority PN MPs hit back after Delia seeks disciplinary action against youth wing

The PN MPs who voted against party leader Adrian Delia in a confidence vote earlier this month are accusing him of doing his utmost to sow division after it was revealed that he sought disciplinary action against the party’s youth wing MŻPN for coming out against him.

The MŻPN yesterday emphasised its belief that Delia should be replaced, calling for strong and credible leadership of the party. But in a private Facebook page, the party’s secretary-general Francis Zammit Dimech confirmed that the group would be subject to disciplinary action for speaking out, with reports stating that he was acting expressly on Delia’s orders.

In a statement, the PN MPs noted that after Delia lost the confidence of his parliamentary group and of the party executive, his reaction was not to seek party unity, but to sow increasing division.

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Posted by David Thake on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

They observed that he asked for action to be taken against young party activities for expressing their opinion, that he attacked a number of PN MPs on TVM, and that he has used social media and the party’s own media to threaten dissidents.

“The attitude and behaviour of Adrian Delia does not befit a Nationalist Party leader,” they said.

“Instead of assuming political responsibility and quietly step away, he is sowing division within the PN. For Adrian Delia, those who express different opinions should be cast aside, threatened and insulted.”

The MPs said that in contrast, they sought unity within the party, wishing to see people with different opinions and personalities to come together and restore the PN’s status.

They also expressed solidarity with the MŻPN, and pledged that the young would play a crucial role once the party leadership changes.

The MPs said that the party was at a crossroads, and faced two choices, between a leader who would bring everyone together and one who sought to divide and to silence the young.